Sophisticated technology that drives customer engagement from the palm of your hand.

Insignia's Relationship Manager (IRM) is a web based CRM application with a customisable dashboard which integrates seamlessly with our brand new Insignia Membership App. This advanced technology helps you communicate membership offers and instant rewards via email, SMS, WeChat, KaKao Talk and carry out tactical marketing from the palm on your hand.

Insignia Irm Software
Self-enabling Capabilities

Get real-time data whenever you want it with customised reports, member surveys, market research, usage analytics and more.

Multi-lingual Engagement

With the IRM, a promotion can be pushed to all members, or a defined segment of the database, in your chosen language in an instant.

Market Reach

Our motivated team are extensively trained and fully equipped to understand your local market.

Increased Business

Immediately create new revenue from business and leisure in food and beverage, accommodation and meeting rooms from the moment the programme commences.

Service & Support

Each Insignia Programme is developed and overseen by our Directors . You will also have a local dedicated team of sales and customer care professionals to ensure ongoing success.

Multiple Revenue Streams

When you have an Insignia Programme, you will effortlessly create two new revenue streams; membership sales and incremental revenue from usage of member benefits.

Premium tailored solutions to support and strengthen brand positioning.

We take great care to understand the unique needs of your business and then implement strategies that increase business volume and local market awareness. With our easy to use interface you have access to every piece of data, every minute of every day.

Insignia Irm Application
Personalised Solutions

From the moment you engage us, we work with you to develop the programme with an interface which is tailored and specific to your unique and ongoing business needs.

Dedicated Support

Experience the benefits of having an on-site specialist team and dedicated Account Manager to manage your loyalty programme and address any questions as they arise.


Our programme has been designed to be self-funding. There's no need to tap into your marketing budget.

Retain Control

With real-time data tracking & member analytics, we can adapt any element of our programme at any time to meet your business objectives.